About the Federation
The Federation of Alliances Françaises, U.S.A., Inc. (“Federation”)

More than 110 years ago, on March 4, 1902, representatives of the then existing 33 Alliance Française chapters in the United States met in New York City and decided to "Fédérer les Alliances"!

Today the Federation is an American 501 (c)(3) non-profit service organization, that provides services to its Member Chapters. Any Alliance Française Chapter in the US and Puerto Rico (approved as an Alliance Française Chapter by Paris) is eligible, upon payment of dues, to become a Member Chapter of the Federation. The Federation's National Office is in Washington, D.C.

As the name implies, The Federation is an organization in which the Member Chapters join together for mutual support and to foster communication among each other on issues of common interest on how best to manage themselves and promote their common mission.

As a direct assistance from the Federation, the Federation provides financial assistance to its Member Chapters through it Grant Programs.

In addition to financial assistance, the Federation offers "Cultural-Offerings—à la Carte". These are reasonably priced "local" or nation programs listed on the Federation's website. Another favorite Federation Program is the "One Book/One Federation" annual book selection with a reading guide prepared by our esteemed, respected and very capable Committee.

Every October, the Federation hosts a Convention & Annual Meeting offering workshops on subjects of interest and assistance to our Member Chapters, not to mention an opportunity to network with other Alliance Française chapters, large and small, across the country.

In 2007, the Federation and the Delegation signed Le Protocole d'accord thereby formalizing their spirit of mutual co-operation, in bringing French language and francophone culture to an American public and to respond to the needs of the Alliance Française chapters in the United States.

About the Délégation

The Délégation Générale represents the Fondation Alliance Française in the United States.

The Délégation handles requests for subsidies for the language schools, the teacher training programs, and resources for the media library-centers. The Délégation evaluates the requests for opening a new Alliance, which it forwards on to the Fondation in Paris with their recommendations.

About the Fondation

The Alliance Française de Paris was created in Paris in 1883, by notables such as les frères Cambon, Jules Verne and others, and was the heart of what was to become a worldwide network of Alliance Française chapters. It was eventually headquartered in the center of Paris, at 101 boulevard Raspail.

In July, 2007, the Fondation Alliance Française, was created to carry forth the mission of the Alliance Française de Paris, on a world-wide basis. At the same time, the Alliance Française de Paris-Ile-de-France, became a local chapter of the réseau, welcoming thousands of students of French each year at boulevard Raspail—from all ages and all nationalities—who come to take courses offered at all levels.

Both the Alliance Française de Paris-Ile-de-France and the Fondation Alliance Française remain housed at 101 boulevard Raspail.

Board of the Federation of Alliances Françaises, U.S.A., Inc.


His Excellency Gérard Araud, Ambassador of France to the U.S.
Mr. John H. Bryan
Mr. Pierre Cardin
Mr. André Cointreau
Mrs. Hedwige Cointreau de Bouteville
Mr. Patrice Courtaban
Mr. Frank Gehry
Mr. Hubert Joly
Mr. Jacques Pépin
Comte Gilbert de Pusy de La Fayette
Ms. Diana Ross
Mme. Patricia Wells


Danielle Badler


Jack McCord
Kristin Rapinac
Linda Witt
Matthew Wyatt


David Thoms


Marie-Laure Arnaud


Barbara Bouquegneau
Katharine Branning
Richard Galton
Cynthia Ruoff
Annie Seys
Daniel Wolff


Melissa Saura, Program Coordinator

Mission Statement

The Federation of Alliances Françaises, U.S.A., Inc. ("Federation") supports and encourages its Member Chapters in their promotion of the language and culture of French speaking peoples.

Vision Statement

The Federation is the representative body of the collective reseau of the Alliance Française chapters in the United States, governed by a duly elected board of directors. The Federation functions as a mechanism of support for Member Chapters facilitating their work in the promotion of understanding the French language, literature, history and culture to the francophone and Francophile: Provides interface with the Fondation Alliance Française through the Delegation and French Culture Services of the French Embassy, and other interested partners and institutions: Assists and counsels individual chapters in the search for solutions to chapter needs: Strives to increase the role of the Member Chapters in the instruction of the French language; and Promotes a continued exchange, mutual understanding and a growing friendship between the American and French peoples.


DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française)
and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française)

DELF and DALF are official qualifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the competency of candidates from outside France in the French language. DELF and DALF are composed of 6 independent diplomas that correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. DELF is aimed at candidates with beginner to advanced levels of French whereas DALF is aimed at expert language users.

These diplomas are valid for life!

More about the DELF or DALF at www.ciep.fr


Protocol Between Federation of Alliances Françaises, U.S.A., Inc. (“Federation”) and Délégation générale de l'Alliance française de Paris aux Etats-Unis (“Delegation”)

[NOTE : Since March 2007, some denominations have changed : the institution referred to as « Alliance Française de Paris » is now (April 2009) known as « Fondation Alliance Française »; likewise, the annual national contest referred to as « Concours national » in this document is now known as « Prix de l'Alliance Française » and « Rotary Academic Prize ».]

The aim of this protocol, once the missions of the Federation and the Delegation have been outlined, is to define the scope of activities of the two organizations and to define the actions that they should pursue together in order to better respond to the expectations of the Alliances Françaises in the United States. These aims will be achieved with respect to the missions of the Alliance Française de Paris.


Overall Organization

Pedagogical Activities

Cultural Activities

The Cultural Season

A la carte (Cultural Offerings)

Financial Assistance to the Alliance chapters


Carole CrosbyPierre Hudelot
President of the FederationDélégué général

Protocole entre Federation of Alliances Françaises, U.S.A., Inc. (“Fédération”) et Délégation générale de l'Alliance française de Paris aux Etats-Unis (“Délégation”)

L'objet de ce protocole, une fois rappelées les missions de la Fédération et de la Délégation, est de définir les champs d'activités respectifs des deux entités et de préciser les actions qu'il serait souhaitable qu'elles mènent ensemble afin de mieux répondre aux attentes des Alliances françaises des Etats-Unis. La réalisation de ces objectifs se fait dans le respect des missions de l'Alliance française de Paris


Organisation générale

Action pédagogique

Action culturelle

La saison culturelle

A la carte (Cultural Offerings)

Aides financières aux Alliances


Carole Crosby Pierre Hudelot
Présidente de la Fédération Délégué général

Le Prix Charbonnier

The Prix Charbonnier, the Federation of Alliance Française, U.S.A., Inc’s (“Federation”) most prestigious award, was created in 1991 to recognize M. Daniel Charbonnier of San Francisco, a Past President of the Federation, who exemplified all of the best qualities of this organization.

The purpose of the Prix Charbonnier, to be given from time to time as appropriate at the Convention & Annual Meeting of the Federation, was to recognize persons of national stature and reputation whose vocation or avocation has promoted French language and culture in a manner consistent with the goals and purpose of the Federation. The recipient need not be a member of an Alliance Française. A Committee established by the Board of Directors of the Federation may nominate a suitable candidate of national stature.

It was the original intent of the Committee which established and recommended the Prix Charbonnier that the award not only serve as recognition of contributions made by the recipient, but, also that it be used as a publicity tool. Therefore, press releases and/or other media promotion should be part of the process.

It is also required that the recipient must be present at the time the award is presented.

Prix Charbonnier
Recipients and Convention & Annual Meeting locations and
dates of presentation

Jacques Pépin · 2015 (Madison, Connecticut)
Master Chef | watch video [+]

Stephen Breyer · 2014 (Washington DC)
Associate Justice

Patricia Wells · 2013 (Chicago)
Cookbook Author

David McCollough · 2012 (Providence)

Patrice Courtaban · 2011 (Louisville)
Chief Operating Officer of TV5MONDE USA

Pusy de la Fayette · 2010 (New Orleans)

Remi (Ratatouille) · 2009 (Chicago)
Brad Bird, Pixar Pictures

Louis Kyle · 2008 (Naples)
France Today, France Amérique

Jane Robert · 2007 (Milwaukee)
Past President, Federation of Alliances Françaises

Ambassador Jean-David Levitte · 2006 (St. Louis)
French Ambassador to the United States

M. Howard Leach · 2005 (San Francisco)
American Ambassador to France · 2001-2005

M. Pierre Cardin · 2004 (Washington DC)
Groupe Pierre Cardin

M. André Cointreau · Président · 2003 (Boston)
Le Cordon Bleu

Mme Hedwige Cointreau de Bouteville · Présidente · 2003 (Boston)
Pierre Deux

Mr. John H. F. Haskell, Jr. · President 2002 (Paris)
French Institute/Alliance Française of New York

M. Jean-Louis Turlin · Président · 2001 (Albuquerque)
French Press · France Amérique

Mme Anne Prah-Perochon · Editor in Chief · 2001 (Albuquerque)
French Press · France Today

Mme Marie Galanti · Directrice de la Publication · 2001 (Albuquerque)
French Press · Journal Français

Mr. David M. Thoms · Past president of the Federation · 1999 (Washington DC)
French Community Philanthropist

Mrs. Eleanor Reynolds Morse · Past president of the Federation
Founder · Salvador Dali Art Museum
St. Petersburg, Florida

M. Pierre Howard · 1998 (Atlanta)
French Cultural Promotion

Mr. Malcolm Wiseheart · 1996 (Miami)
French Cultural Philanthropist

Mr. John H. Bryan · 1992 (Chicago)
President Sara Lee, Inc.

Mrs. Eleanor Wood-Prince · 1992 (Chicago)
French Community Philanthropist

Mrs. Julia Child · 1991 (Washington DC)
International Chef and Cookbook Author


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